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We heard the music from behind where we were staying in Laconia. We listened for a bit and! Peter Wolf is playing over there! We listened outside the tent for a bit. I messaged my daughter about it (who went on the Chop Shop website) She had to convince me that it wasn't him and that it was a tribute band!
They were awesome


Oooooookay! If you know me, you know I absolutely idolize Peter Wolf and The J. Geils Band. It is one if the few bands (probably the only one) that I know every note, on every instrument on every song on every album to. They are burned into my brain from an ultra early age. Anyway, I digress. Tonight we are checking out Whammer Jammer: a LIVE tribute to The J Geils Band. Coming in, I was a bit skeptical but three songs in, I gotta say they are kicking ass like the real band! Probably the closest thing you can get these days and loving every minute of this show! They have the joint rockin’ like it was a Houseparty at the old Garden!!!!!!!!!"


“...Wow! Whammer Jammer was amazing last night! You really rocked the house! Can’t wait for your next show!”


“...These guys are the Real Deal Amazing Band”


"GREAT show at Aura last night THANK YOU for keeping the music alive and really doing it justice . by the second song you had transported me back to 1974 GREAT night"


"Seen JGB , easily over 100 times , 1st time in 1975 at the age of 13. Nice to see a tribute band to the baddest band in the land. That being said i've seen Whammer Jammer once , they are dead on. Unbelievable sound. They had a packed house of over 300 dancing , whoopin it up and havin a ball. If your a true Geils nut , this is a must see. They kick ass and i will absolutely catching them again."


"Amazing show!!!!! Great band and a bunch of great guys!!!!! Totally recommend!!!


They were amazing!! They drove all the way to Ohio to play at my uncles 40th Annual J. Geils party. That was 12 hours away!! Loved how they mingled with everyone there.


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